Inexpensive cartridge
The easily replaceable and inexpensive
cartridge dramatically reduces repair cost.
Bronze body eliminates build up of scales
and rust, keeping the valve clean, thus
reducing chances of failure.
Exceptional service
Bronze body
Talk to an expert every time you call, be it for
help sizing a mixing valve, designing a retrofit or
troubleshooting issues.
A single moving part in a bronze body with
large waterways eliminates issues such as
gumming and sticking.
Single moving part
Mixing Valves Stations
Towle Whitney Mixing Valves are fully assembled at the factory.

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2 PSI                            10
4 PSI                            20
7 PSI                            31
11 PSI                          40  
Pressure drop        GPM     
5 PSI                            50
10 PSI                         70
15 PSI                         87
20 PSI                       100
Pressure drop        GPM      
5 PSI                            57
10 PSI                          77
15 PSI                          97
20 PSI                        110  
Standard features
Pressure drop        GPM      
All mixing valves are built with standard
features such as ball valve shut offs, check
valves and local drains for ease of
Custom Designs
Apart from the standard valves listed above,
we also design custom mixing valves based
on the client's specific requirements.
Call For Custom Duplexes
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